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Quraisha Co. Ltd
le gout authentique de l'inde

Quraisha spices has become more significant in recent years. Established on the 15th of February 2017, it has sparked life of many Mauritian’s cuisines. The brand’s name, meaning ‘strong’ was gifted to Mrs Fazanah Golaup for her ‘determination’ by her husband.

At the age of 57 years old, the director’s vision was meant to empower women in the society and to facilitate their lives in the kitchen. She introduces the concept of selling quality spices to target the market as a whole.

She has started her business with only 5 women and 3 vehicles at her disposition and now, has reached 24 employees who are mostly women and a total of 7 vehicles in her company. The business has flourished and offers a vast collection of quality products everywhere on the island.

The director strongly believes that behind every success, there should not be any comparison; “each individual has his own strength and weakness, eventually with determination and hard work people will succeed”. “All that we need to do is to remain focused and keep on finding new flavors that will spice our way of living”. Hence, at Quraisha, the quality of products and services is maintained at its highest level. We always strive to keep improving our standard of service and continuously expand our brand into a new spicy horizon.

Certificate of Incoporation

Registered under the company act in Mauritius with the reference of: C119125

Since 2017 Quraisha Co. Ltd

BRN: C13119125

HALAL Certified

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